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I absolutely love this! I can't have a plant in my office because there is not enough sunlight, but i can grow this plant comfortably while also making sure that I care for myself too!


This turned out to work amazingly well. I really did feel like I was taking care of a plant friend... through taking care of me, which is difficult on even the best of days. This is very wonderful.

Update: two days ago I crashed hard because summer is full of trauma anniversaries. I created a new plant friend and that was the only way I was able to eat. I ran myself ragged studying for another day, but the plant friend helped me remember to step away for a break, and to treat myself kindly.

Anyways I am now gonna rest for several days to recover. My plant friend saved me. Thank you.


I'm so glad that this has been a helpful way of taking care of yourself! Your plant friend is always there to remind you that you are worthy of love and care the same way you care for them, and I really hope it can continue to help you through tough times--

Reading this really made my day and so incredibly touched that this has helped you during your struggles-- please, rest well, and remember to take care of your little plant friend, and yourself! 

I will, thank you!

I've started making small plant friends in my bullet journal, either on daily pages or in the day squares of the month calendar. It's turned into a quicker and more motivating kind of notation for me to repeat smaller self-care daily routines I need, from drinking water to meditating, using different leaf sizes and different plant parts—like flowers, tiny berry clusters,  and even squiggly outgrowths.

Really appreciate this game for inproving my life day to day.


this is so lovely! i don't have room on my work desk for a living plant, but i can rest this little plant friend on my laptop monitor.